Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stupid Product: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I've been sheltered all my life, and have never been invited to an "ugly Christmas sweater" party. I know, it's very sad. Those parties I have been invited to, where you have to get all dressed up in little black dresses and wear diamond jewelry, are so pathetic!

So forgive me for not knowing that there were websites that sell said ugly Christmas sweaters. Now I can buy one. Like this, for $50 plus shipping:

Or this one!

Not to discriminate, here's one for another major winter holiday - not sure why it costs $5 more than the featured Christmas sweaters.

They also sell adorable hats, like this, for $25:

The good news is that the sellers do have a sense of humor, and they do send one sweater for every one sold, to kids in need. Hopefully they don't send these awful ones, though.

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