Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stupid Product: Poo-Pourri

Sometimes a product comes along that may be effective, but its name is so awful one can't imagine actually purchasing it or having it in the house. That product is Poo-Pourri. Yes, its onomatopoeia - its name effectively tells you what it is without you having to look it up.

But look it up you do. With a no-follow link. No link juice for you Poo-Pourri!

They MUST have a sense of humor, because their products have names like "Sh*ttin Pretty," "Party Pooper," "Secret Santa," "Potty Mouth," "Deja Poo," "Crap Shooter," "Poo-Tonium," "Trap a Crap," "No. 2," "Call of the Wild," and the list goes on. And on. And on. Like some really long poops after you've had a lot of fiber.

Many of my blogging friends have been inundated with annoying and persistent emails glorious offers to conduct a giveaway. What, Poo-Pourri, no offers for Stupid Products? Oh yeah, we don't do giveaways.

Given the relentless number of emails the bloggers have been receiving, "I had this image of this recent college grad, marketing major, hitting "send all" and then going right to to look for a new job," said Vacation Gal Jen Miner (that's a "do follow" link, by the way).

Jen sent me the press release from her email's trash bin. "I call that scent Fecal Attraction," she said, possibly earning herself an interview to be their new scent namer.

These bloggers may be passing up a great opportunity, though. Reviews on the website often come with quotes from people with actual names and cities. Do these people not know about their internet history living on FOREVER? They really want to go on the record talking about how their shit no longer smells?

"You have changed my life! I am no longer uncomfortable using a public bathroom." Nicole Tomlinson, Jacksonville Beach, FL

"I love and live for your products!" -Serena Hickes