Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stupid Holiday Catalogs Items

Though I try to unsubscribe (save the world! Too much junk!) I still do get some retail catalogs. The latest was a newspaper advertiser for the Christmas Tree Store, which is a HORRIBLE name for a store that sells things all year (not all Christmasy). It's kind of a junky place, but you can find some good stuff there too.

Here's what caught my eye:

 Lower your IQ by 50 points wearing these ridiculous turkey hats at the Thanksgiving table. Plus you'll be so embarrassed, you won't be able to look at each other while eating.

If you can't afford nicer folding chairs, that's okay (hey, I have some that look just like this, not judging). Make them look even WORSE by buying these $5 bows that attach to your chair to make it even more obvious that you have no taste. And bonus points for guessing how long they'll stay up after you lean back in your chair.
Because everyone needs a wine cork holder in the letters S & M. Only popular letters available. Like S & M.