Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ghost Pony

Admittedly, I missed the Cabbage Patch Kid craze. And still don't get the Beanie Baby thing. Didn't see that one coming. Silly Bands is a bandwagon I wished I jumped on (for a short time). But the Ghost Pony? Yeah, not going there.

The toy designer is doing a Kickstarter campaign, and has almost reached the amount of funding requested. I will say that her other stuffed "horribly adorable baby" toys are kind of cute - in a vampire way. With more than 95,000 Facebook likes (which is uh, a few thousand more than I have) I guess she's on to something.

Contest: Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

My friend Hilary posted on Facebook her response to a press release question: "Can we interest you in sharing the news about this years official toilet paper wedding dress contest? Please let us know if you would like some photos and are interested in being notified of this years winners."

Her answer was "NO!"

Of course I had to see the press release. And the photos of last year's winner:

OMG! These dresses look real! Is there no fabric whatsoever? There are more dresses here. (And some tips from a video - don't have a pickle jar head in the photo. And don't be drunk in the photo. they can tell. No "bride of Chuckie" dolls. That's too scary.)

The 2011 winner used only 4 rolls of toilet paper, hot glue and packing tape. The really pouffy one at the bottom used 20 rolls of toilet paper and various types of glue (including modge podge).

Not that I'll be entering, but...
The rules:

• You must use (a certain brand) toilet paper, tape, glue and/or needle and thread.
• The dress must be able to be worn by a human and be able to be taken on and off.
• DO NOT use zippers, Velcro, clasps, snaps, buttons, or any other material that is not fashioned of Toilet Paper, Tape, and/or Glue

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Boob Tattoos

Okay, I'm going to leave this up to the readers to decide. What do YOU think?

These are "temporary tattoos for your ta-tas" - by ta ta toos and according to the press release, they've sold "hundreds of thousands."

In case you're wondering, they're $9.95 with free shipping.

I volunteer to try them out if the company wants to send me a "pair." I don't promise to post pictures, though.