Thursday, May 23, 2013

How not to write a press release

Hello, I hope your day is going well. If you have a quick moment, I wanted to bring this great infographic to your attention that may be worth sharing on Frisco Kids. Of course, you'll be the judge of that when yout (SIC) take a look at the infographic.

It's "The History of Roller Skates" an infographic about how roller skates were developed over the years: (I deleted link)
I’d really like to know what you think; your feedback would be greatly appreciated. And of course, feel free to share it on your site if you think it’s a good fit and/or that your readers could get some good info from it. Anyways, (SIC) thank you for taking a look and I hope you have a great day.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stupid Product: Baby "Itty Wig"

This came through the email today:

"I wanted to run some information by you for a fun product for parents with infants, toddlers and small kids. Itty Wigs Baby Headbands."

Shockingly it did not come to my Stupid Products email address. Would you put this thing on your innocent daughter?
The "Cam Bow Wig"

I don't know which is scarier - the plastic model, or the hair pieces.
The even scary thing about the kid below, is that she's wearing another item featured on Stupid Products - the Baby Belly stickers!

In case you were wondering, these "wigs" are around $9 each. You can check out their photo gallery featuring real children here.