Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stupid Products: The Snapi

Having just visited my friend who gave birth a month ago, I can appreciate the need to do things with one hand. So I took a look at the Snapi.

The concept is a good one: a one-handed food scooper. But have you heard of tongs or a spoon? Aren't they one-handed as well?

Wouldn't a spoon work well here to scoop up some pasta??

Are tongs so inappropriate in this situation?

They say the Snapi can be used at buffets, salad bars, catering and other uses. When I go to a buffet, though, it's usually pretty easy to grab the utensil in the container. What if the Snapi fell over? Then it would be goopy on one side. It would sit like a clam shell immersed in sauce. And though buffet serving utensils are rarely fancy looking, the Snappi is made of plastic, which just brings it down a notch.

In case you're wondering, Snapi retails for $6.95.

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