Tuesday, January 28, 2014

True Love Tester Bra

You know how horrible it is when you're at a bar, or on a date, and the guy you're not interested in tries to take off your bra? Yeah, happens all the time. Well now you can buy the True Love Tester bra, which uses Bluetooth connected to your smart phone app, to detect your heart rate. If your heart rate is up, it MUST BE LOVE and that bra will snap open without you having to do anything.

If not, it remains locked like a chastity belt.

Watch a hilarious video about how it works here.

Nope! Won't open for for this jerk. Why is she standing there in her bra just looking at her boobs? If she doesn't want the guy to remove her bra, she should leave.

Not surprisingly, this Ravijour bra is not actually for sale, is a promotional gimmick for the lingerie company to promote its 10th anniversary. Or something.

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