Monday, November 19, 2012

How not to get me to post something

I have to laugh when I get emails like this. Turns out this guy Vladimir did pay me to put two sponsored posts on my blog. They didn't go over very well with my readers.

Good morning. I have a favour to ask. I started my own website and  trying to promote it.

So can you please share this new infografic we made on your blog, for free? This would really mean a lot, cause we spent a lot on design and content, so we are trying to save on promotion))

This is infografic itself (NO, I DID NOT CLICK ON THE LINK)

Here is the code to add on in a post: (HA HA - WON'T BE NEEDING THAT!)

I don't need whole post dedicated to infographic. Just add it in the end of your next post... Thank you very much. (THANKS FOR TELLING ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY BLOG)

BTW - have a look at the site, how do you find it? Also we would love travel bloggers to become our guest writers, cause they can give a lot good advices on how to save money while travelling. And of course we would love the advices to be adressed to girls and women, and written by girls and women. Cause this whole project is based on women.
Anyway, please get back to me on this question.

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