Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stupid product: pet paint

I know what you're thinking. Wow! I've always wondered how I could paint my dog so he wouldn't have to wear a stupid costume. But Home Depot spray paint is permanent! Your problems are solved by your friends at Pet Paint.

You're probably also saying that you're not artistic enough to come up with these great designs for your dog. Lucky for you, Pet Paint also sells stencils! Just get your dog to sit still while you paint him.

Here's one of their tips for painting: "Spray patterns can be adjusted with distance from animal. Use stencils for nice detailed edges, shapes nad (sic) symbols. Use your dog's natural color patterns to accent your design. For brilliant color on dark animals spray white first then your final color over the white base."

I know you're also wondering how you can bond with your dog some more, because that morning walk, afternoon hike and fetch in the yard isn't doing it. You realize you're growing apart and not connecting in meaningful ways. Well Paint Paint is the answer.

"PetPAint is a quickly expanding color spray line for dogs built on creating a lasting relationship between dogs and their owners." 

If you're not sure when you should use Pet Paint, you can use it for
  • Changing your dog’s wardrobe
  • Or just a little something for the Fashionista in us all