Friday, August 31, 2012

How Not to Keep in Touch as a PR Person

If you're a PR person writing to a journalist, you might send an email like this:

Hi Debbie, 

It's been a while since we were last night touch so thought I'd just drop a line to see how you were doing and what kind of things you were working on these days. Are holidays on your radar yet? 

Look forward to getting back in touch and hope you have a great long weekend. 


The problem with this (aside from using the word "night" instead of "in") is that I have no clue who the PR person is, and who they represent. Why would I bother spilling my guts on how my life is going and what I'm working on, to a stranger?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are McDonald's Social Media Strategies Stupid?

Usually I write about Stupid Products and Stupid Press Releases (hence the blog name). But today I'm doing something different - actually noting an ongoing and multifacted PR campaign that's interesting. It's from McDonald's. Yes, McDonald's! Like many brands, they're trying to appeal to the mom bloggers as well as regular consumers. Ad Age had an interesting article this week discussing their social media campaign in the U.S. And the New York Times had an excellent story on how McDonald's is remaking itself (menu, store interior) and using Twitter to tell stories. They invited a handful (well, three handfuls) of bloggers for an all-expense paid trip to its headquarters where they were wined and dined (so to speak) to get the word out.

I wasn't invited to that, but I've had my share of attention from McDonald's as a blogger. (Keep reading for some video below).

As the publisher of Frisco Kids, I've been contacted several times by PR firm for McDonald's Bay Area.  For the past few months, I've gotten emails offering me information on McDonald's meals for 600 calories or less, eating on the run with the USDA MyPlate guidelines, customizing orders at McDonald's, and what the chain is doing from a quality food and nutritional menu offerings.