Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stupid Product: the Sneeve

If you wondered whether this product was invested by Dr. Seuss, then you're on the right track. The Sneeve. It's a mashup between snot, sleeve and sneeze.

They do such a good job describing it, I'll quote them:

"It’s a soft, stretchy and absorbent disposable sleeve that is worn on the crook of the arms of kids 3-8 years old. It catches the goo and gook from a cold, and destroys 99.9% of the cold’s bacteria, virus and germs on contact."

So basically it's an Ace bandage for your elbow that catches the snot, and destroys all germs? How is that possible?

"Each disposable Sneeve will last most kids for a full day, absorbing phlegm and mucus and protecting clothing from becoming a germy landing pad.

The kid is supposed to wear this thing all day? Like you wipe your snotty nose with a tissue or sneeze goop from your throat onto the Sneeve, and then leave it exposed all day, where others can brush against it? How does that thing absorb mucus and said mucus doesn't get on the clothes underneath or wipe off onto the shirt of a passerby? 

They offered to send me samples, but my kids wouldn't be caught dead wearing this thing.