Monday, July 23, 2012

Stupid Product: Monokini

This is the worst fashion trend anywhere: the monokini. It must die.

Why, oh why would someone wear this style? Even with a rockin' bod, it looks awful. Even with a whittled waist line, this thing makes you look like you have none. It just looks like excess fabric stuck in the middle, with the only curves being on the design.

Our own New Jersey example, from this weekend (no, it's not me - I'm not that tan). This woman would have looked lovely in a one-piece bathing suit.

This woman below definitely needed to wear a one piece - though this monokini had the advantages of showing off all her tattoos. I wish I got a photo of her standing up, but I wasn't fast enough on the draw. Somehow the majority of women I see wearing these side baring bathing suits, are way too large to make them flattering.

Even pregnant Tori Spelling isn't immune. Hey pregnant lady - your monokini is AWFUL (though she does look better in it than the other two women).

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