Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stupid Product: Healthy Hoohoo

Yes, you read that right. Healthy Hoohoo. And it means exactly what you think it does. It's vaginal cleansing!

The press release has some killer funny lines, like these:

"By avoiding over-washing and harsh cleansers, women who have been using healthy hoohoo are reporting improved moisture, comfort and odor conditions." 

(Odor conditions????)

"When it comes to feminine cleansing, “less is more,” so hoohoo’s formula liberates the body to do what it needs to do. The vagina, after all, is a self-cleaning oven."

(Now, I've heard of a bun in the oven, but a SELF-CLEANING OVEN? Can't say I ever thought of my hoohoo as an oven before, though I guess you could say it gets hot down there! Oh my.)

"healthy hoohoo products are tested on gal pals, not animals"

(Hey, girlfriend, would you mind checking out my new feminine hygienic cleanser, and telling me how your hoohoo smells after?)

So I had to check out the website, where the motto is "woohoo for hoohoo"


The about section had this great line:

After falling victim to mass marketing campaigns for all manner of popular soaps, soaks, cleansers and lotions, Stacy Lyon (a marketer herself by trade) found herself feeling far from fresh and"down there." Stacy thought "I thought I was doing her a favor, by keeping her tidy and smelling like a lavender bouquet."

What am I missing here in life? My crotch has never smelled like a lavender bouquet. As for keeping "down there" tidy, I just assume that would mean some waxing during bathing suit season, not some "popular soaps, soaks, cleansers and lotions." Do people really spend that much effort cleansing their "hoohoos?" Especially since they're self-cleaning ovens?

You can buy this product as a foamer, "light, fluffy and full of nurturing goodness." Or as a hoohoo wash, "a shampoo for your hoohoo, who knew?" 

It's no wonder their media page is empty, except for "coming soon - words of praise, love and holy hoohoo it's about time." Yeah, maybe they'll add this review to it!

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