Friday, March 23, 2012

Stupid Press Release: Swingers!

When journalists pitch editors with story ideas, it's common knowledge that you're supposed to do your homework and know what the publication covers (and preferably that this editor handles the section you're pitching). And it's the same for public relations people. Mass emailing a PR pitch to journalists who don't cover your subject just results in us getting pissed off that you're taking up our email box space.

My friend, who does not cover racy topics such as the one below, forwarded me a press release she got.

"My name is (NAME) I am one of the owners of (I'M NOT LISTING THE SITE). (SITE) is a Lifestyle Dating site, which is really a nice way of saying it is a site for "Swingers" to meet.  It is estimated that there are over 3 million people in The Lifestyle in the U.S. alone, this is not even taking in to consideration the people that want to go out and party and be sexy and are on the fringes of the Lifestyle. People are shocked when they find out that their family, doctor, kids teachers, neighbors etc may actually be Swingers. In addition most major cities have On-Premise swingers clubs, where people can meet and have sex at the club!  Whether they agree with this type of Lifestyle or not, I believe your audience would be interested in the topic.  I would love to do an interview with you on the subject.  I have no problem with it being positive or negative interview from your end. I can also keep it as clean as necessary to not cause you any legal issues. Our travel site is located at (SITE)

P.S.  California is a particularly hot swingers market!"

Now for the sake of research, I looked at the travel website, which was HILARIOUS. The company sells "Lifestyle" trips at all-inclusives, where you can meet up with your own kind (ya know, other teachers, neighbors and doctors). Some items from the schedule: goat races on the nude beach (I can't even make this stuff up), free Pastease (these are pretty funny - I am including the link), nighttime party theme: school girls, oil wrestling party, clothing optional pajama party.

Now if you're into the "Lifestyle" and want the actual websites, just email me. I don't want to keep you from some quality information here.

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