Friday, January 20, 2012

Stupid Polls - Cookies and Cruises

I shake my head when I see some of the polls sent to me by PR people.

Obviously the sinking of the Costa Cruise ship is making a lot of headlines. Hey! Let's capitalize on that by polling people about what THEY would do if their cruise ship sank. The results were just SHOCKING.

-Only 24% of those ages 65+ would jump in and try to swim to safety versus 63% of those ages 18-29.
-Republicans, Democrats and Independents were within a percentage point of each other for agreeing to jump in. Hooray! The political parties agree on something!
-15% of the same youngsters would stay on board hoping for rescue, while 44% of the old people would stay put.
-33% of Democrats would stay put as well, while 26-27% of Republicans and Independents would trust in the government to save them.

While I do love Good Morning America, the poll they conducted with SodaHead on the most popular flavor of Girl Scout cookies was just stupid. The answer? I think you already know.

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