Friday, October 21, 2011

Stupid Product: Parking Pal Magnets

These Parking Pal magnets are sold to keep your kids safe in the parking lot. You're supposed to teach your kids to "high five" the magnet when you're loading or unloading the car. Let me say I hesitated to post this as a Stupid Product, because if it indeed saves kids from running into the parking lot, then it can't be stupid. And we all know that kids are motivated by things that seem silly to adults. Like high fiving a magnet.

But can't you teach your kids to high five the gas tank cover? Or the window? That doesn't cost $7.99 plus shipping - it's free.

Okay, feel free to send me hate mail now.


  1. I agree AND disagree. I'm a Mum who thought to teach my children to keep one hand on the car, which they did and still do, without using a magnet/sticker... but not all Mums are as safety conscious as me :(
    If this product does nothing more than get parents to realise either way is safer than letting the kids wander around the car - then it's a good product in this respect :)

  2. I totally agree - that's why I hesitated to post! Glad your kids know to hang on to the car. I don't that was on my radar when my kids were little.