Monday, August 29, 2011

Stupid Press Release: Back to School with Jennie Garth

I may be a retro Beverly Hills, 90210 fan (did you know that Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear are engaged?). But that doesn't mean I care what Jennie Garth and her daughters' favorite "must have back-to-school" items are.

Is Jennie Garth that desperate for cash that she and her kids have to dress up like dorks to endorse Hello Kitty and Cheerios?

They've been paid (how much? I'd like to know) to release "exclusively to online shopping guide" her "kids''" list of BMX bikes, sneakers, and lunch containers. They got the exclusive list? Because, really, NO OTHER WEBSITE CARES WHAT JENNIE GARTH BUYS.

And, she's been a member of ThisNext since August 25, 2011. Wow - so dedicated to the website she is, that her joining date coincides with the press release! The campaign is successful so far. Since sending out this press release, THREE people are now following this trendsetting family, whose daughters also like sparkly nail polish and headbands.

Her daughters are apparently "represented" throughout the list "with commentary on each explaining exactly why they LOVE each and every toy/accessory/school fashion." Uh, no that would be Jennie doing the explaining. She provides really helpful commentary like, "our family loves to bike and when the kids need a little after school exercise, myself and Peter (sic) take them on bike rides around our neighborhood." Wow - I really should buy the brand of bike she endorses!

Oh - and the press release states that her 13 year old daughter and 5 year old daughter are both named Fiona.

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  1. Have you heard the PSAs Jennie Garth is doing lately on AM radio? Not on world hunger, or saving the planet, but on the importance of ... BRACES! Yup, everyone should be giving those saintly orthodontists their hard earned cash, because every kid deserves a $3,000 smile adjustment whether they need it or not. I never heard anything so stupid in my life.

    - Sarah (who never had braces and has managed to survive to age 35 without being cast out of society, despite mildly crooked teeth)

  2. Just so you know, she now has 8 followers, instead of 3. So successful, this campaign.