Sunday, April 28, 2013

Women's Urinal

I don't even know where to start with this item. Uh, the name? Lady Elegance P EZ Female Urinal.
I saw this item on Groupon Goods where it will only be for a few more days, so I'll point you toward Amazon instead (disclosure, I get a small commission if you buy one).

As always, Groupon had an awesome write-up. "After it's sanitized, the hygienic accessory can be stored discreetly within a bag or conspicuously atop one's head." They also note that it doubles as an emergency lacrosse basket. I love Groupon.

It actually got a few good reviews here as well as on Amazon, where reviewers noted how great it is to direct the pee into a bottle (like if you're sailing and there's no bathroom) or for those who are camping/hiking and don't want to lower their hoo hoo into a bush.

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