Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo Friday: Installation Instructions

In case you can't read this:

Installation process:
1. first made the pipe of pneumatic nuderprop installation the need open an close cupboard door, installation size is about 70mm fromcupboard door's runing axietree.

2. Keep cupboard door at the place of open 90degree, made the pneumatic underprop free protend then made the beanpole part rivet on rim of cupboard door.

Announlements: The pneumatic underprop's pipe part need upturned, the beanpolt part need adown. Wish made the cupboard door open and close power increase installation sizecan at 80-100mm. Wish made the cupboard door open adn close power allay, installation size can at 50-77mm.
Few sound cushion design. 5 Year quality guarantee.

Instills confidence in the product, right?

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